A Social Standard

A Social Standard is here to help make life simpler, easier and more enjoyable. By defining, enabling understanding and clarifying the values of the western social structure. People will feel more comfortable about how they integrate with each other.

A Connection

A connection is one of the most desired traits of human existence. The feeling that we are connected in an emotional way to those around us is one of the most important feelings to satisfy. These feelings are disrupted by confusion to what is acceptable behaviour in the community. When people disagree, frustration and rejection builds into separation and isolation.

Path of safety

Is isn’t all about doing the same thing or behaving the same way. But a path of safety where everyone can tread and be certain that their behaviour will be accepted by those around them. Walking off the path can then be done at peoples own choice, but to have a safety net of knowing the standards is the most valuable of places to be sure of coming back to.  This can be applied to every circumstance of life. From walking down the street, dating,  playing sports, at work or just lifestyle habits.

Developing for the future

Society is developing. The evolvement is helped by a clear definition of values being built, tested and matured over time. A Social Standard is a document released each year striving to document the updates to the values that have evolved since the previous release. Allowing for time and grace for integrating and stabilising new ideas and concepts realised from the previous years release.  Creating a space for dialogue and improvements is the intent. there is no desire to make statements to the “correct” way of life. Just how it is at the moment. Join the forum to see how things are going.

Support us

Financially supporting A Social Standard will help it to maintain a neutral and safe place which can continue to develop and promote social security initiatives. There are a variety of options in the Support area.